When you have a suspicion of being infected or you get a positive test result (antigen or RT-PCR), contact our employee - coordinator asap, by email or by phone +421.918 734 827 and follow his instructions

  • follow the instrucions in the section "What do do if I am COVID 19 positive?"on the web site:
  • if you are accommodated alone in the whole apartment, you must self-isolate in it as soon as possible
  • if you share an apartment with several accommodated persons, the coordinator will assign you another room - isolation:
  • you will receive the keys to the isolation room at the reception desk
  • in case of interest, you will receive a free hygiene package at the reception desk (bed linen, towel, toilet paper, soap and disposable cup)
  • you will move all necessary personal belongings from the original room to the isolation room
  • before moving things, warns roommates to leave the apartment temporarily during the packing of things
  • warn roommates to monitor their health
  • disinfect the handles after leaving (disinfection can be borrowed from the receptionist), roommates are obliged to properly ventilate the apartment
  • immediately notify the beginning of the quarantine in writing by email to
  • fill in the form on the university website:

During your quarantine accommodation in Družba:

  • throughout the quarantine accommodation, follow the instructions of the responsible SD employee, who is available daily, even on weekends and public holidays, at the following contacts: tel.: +421 918 734 827, email:
  • monitor your health, if the symptoms of COVID-19 appear (temperature, sore throat, dry cough, loss of taste, etc.) contact your doctor
  • in case of deteriorating health condition, contact the emergency medical service on tel. number 155 or 112
  • in case of a technical accident in your apartment, immediately contact the non-stop reception desk service: +421.2.602 99 111 (reception desk, block D1) +421.2.602 99 232 (reception desk, block D2)
  • in case of need you can contact RÚVZ (Regional Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic) for a RT - PCR test at, inform the responsible employee of the SD about the result of testing on tel. 0918 734 827 or by email
  • observe hygienic principles (washing hands before each consumption of food, after each use of the toilet, after waste handling, after cleaning the nose, coughing, sneezing, etc.) washing hands according to recommendations - soap, moisten hands with warm water, wash thoroughly and finally rinse. The whole procedure takes 40 - 60 seconds. After washing use a paper towel or individual towel.
  • maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the whole apartment
  • leave your garbage in a closed plastic bag in front of the door of your apartment, our employees will take it away during working days
  • keep the quiet hours from 22.00 until 07.00
  • observe a strict quarantine stay in the apartment, i.e. do not leave your apartment during the entire quarantine period, do not accept any visits, otherwise you will be imposed severe sanctions in accordance with the accommodation contract and the directives of public authorities
  • comply with the smoking ban in the rooms
  • the apartment door must always be closed to prevent the possible spread of the disease
  • often ventilate the room (min. 3x/day intensively - window wide open)
  • regularly check the information published at

Service offer during quarantine

  • upon request you will be provided with basic hygienic equipment (bed linen, towel, toilet paper, soap and disposable cup) and services (rubbish disposal) free of charge
  • in case of interest in the delivery of food from the Družba Canteen (if it is open), you can order food on tel.: +421 940 341 380. Price for meals is 15 €/day (breakfast 4 €, lunch 5,50 €, dinner 5,50 €), inclusive of packaging. Payment for this service will be made contactless to the bank account of Družba Canteen.
  • if you wait for delivery of ordered goods, report it on tel. +421 918 734 827 or by e-mail at least 12 hours in advance, so that the reception desk employee will take it over and then take it to the door of your apartment. Our employee will knock at the door of your apartment when your goods are delivered.

Termination of quarantine accommodation

  • you can terminate the compulsory quarantine only on the basis of forwarding the official statement of the RÚVZ to the address, where the date of termination of compulsory domestic isolation is set
  • the end of quarantine accommodation is possible only after the proper termination of quarantine by each accommodated person in the apartment
  • the end of the quarantine must be approved by the responsible employee of the SD  via email, until his instruction you must not leave the apartment
  • after the end of the quarantine, you have to allow the professional disinfection of the apartment by a responsible employee
  • other roommates who were not present in the apartment during quarantine accommodation are not allowed to return to the apartment until the final professional disinfection has been carried out
  • if you have completed quarantine in your own room - leave the bed linen on the bed until disinfected by professional staff. After the disinfection hand over your bed linen or used towel to the reception desk in your block in a closed plastic bag.
  • if you have completed quarantine in the isolation room –move to your own room, leave the bed linen on the bed and do not take it out of your room. If you borrowed a towel, leave it in the bathroom of the isolation room



Wearing a face mask is obligatory in the interiors of buildings. It is also important to wear the face mask properly, remembering that it must cover your nose and mouth.


Practice social or physical distancing, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people who are not from your household in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Use hand disinfectants when entering buildings. During the day, also wash your hands more often with soap and water. If available, also use alcohol-based disinfectants.


You will find official information concerning arrival in the Slovak Republic from abroad on this web site:

Obligatory quarantine arter your arrival from abroad cannot be completed in Dormitory Družba!

Please, check also the university website once in a while, the information will be updated regularly.