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Electrical appliances during the summer semester

21. 03. 2024 16.00 hod.

New rules involving the declaration of electrical appliances in the rooms have been in force for the first semester. They introduced several changes: electrical appliances were now allowed although students had to declare them, and their usage was free of charge. After exchanging views with the Commission for University Dormitories and Accommodation of CU’s Academic Senate we re-evaluated this arrangement at the end of the semester.

Why do we regulate electrical appliances?

  • The first reason is to reduce energy consumption in order to be able to keep accommodation fees unchanged;
  • The second reason is to eliminate the frequent outages caused by regular electrical grid overloading (especially in buildings with old wiring);
  • The third reason is fire safety (overloaded old wiring can cause fires).

How did it go?

  • During the winter semester, students declared 1,502 electrical appliances at CU Mlyny, and 303 electrical appliances at CU Družba;
  • If room inspections discovered undeclared appliances, a warning and a reprimand were issued; however, dorm administration did not impose any penalties for undeclared electrical appliances;
  • Sharing of declared electrical appliances has led to a reduced number of electrical outages.

How about the summer semester?

  • The obligation to declare electrical appliances is still in effect and the dorm administration still collects no fees;
  • However, if undeclared appliances are discovered, it will impose penalties according to dorm rules;
  • The dormitory administration is considering the possibility of creating a model kitchenette equipped with electrical appliances, if its resources permit it to do so. We will continue liaising with the Commission for University Dormitories and Accommodation of the CU Senate on further plans and available options.

Our common goal is to maintain the dormitories in the best possible condition, but at the same time keep prices affordable for as many students as possible. We believe that this measure will help us to do so. We are grateful to you all for your cooperation.

For instructions on declaring electrical appliances, refer to the applicable website - MlynyDružba.