CU Družba DormitoriesComenius University Bratislava


In accordance with Article 5 point 6 of the Dormitory Regulations of Družba Halls of Residence CU, each resident is obliged to maintain hygiene, order and cleanliness in the room, in common facilities and premises, as well as throughout the premises of DHR CU. As part of the self-cleaning system, the resident is obliged to:


  • daily: take out the garbage, keep the room, the common premises and the balcony tidy, clean the common sanitary facilities (sinks, showers and toilets), the cooker and the area around it
  • weekly: clean the whole room thoroughly, sweep and dust the room, wash the floor in the room (also under the tables and beds), wash the floor in the toilet, bathroom and hallway
  • monthly: clean the fridge and the floor under the fridge


Head of the hygiene department
Mgr. Manuela Grossová